Address: Via Ciorla 3, Scanno

Hours: Not open


The building is divided into four levels around a courtyard, as most of the buildings of Scanno were. The white plastered facade features a succession of windows, finished at the top with mixtilinear frames and is enhanced by a sophisticated doorway which is the most important element. Placed in an asymmetric position, to the right of the facade, it has two side pilasters, decorated with floral and plant motifs.  A frame around the arch continues both to the right and to the left with ornate plant scrollwork and carvings. 
Above the keystone, in the middle, is the redundant coat of arms of the De Angelis family depicting the Archangel Michael slaying the dragon topped with a crown. Below it the date of 1766 is carved.

Historical Notes

The Palazzo De Angelis has an elaborate portal which is among the most interesting examples of the 18th century sculptural decoration that characterizes the many and varied facades of the private buildings in Scanno, and which are testimony to the economic prosperity achieved in that period by the village. Together with the street of the same name it takes its name from the baronial family who once owned it. The date of construction is unclear however a mullioned window visible in the inner courtyard, and some other architectural elements, would suggest its origins are from the 15th century. The building has undergone subsequent alterations, particularly during the 18th century, when it assumed the form that can be admired today.